I’m Charity Garland, Registered Dietitian, military spouse and momma to two babes. My practice is focused on helping my clients heal from disordered eating and eating disorders. I am passionate about women’s health, fertility and food freedom. I love dismantling diet culture and helping women and teens reclaim their health through food freedom.

I believe food should be enjoyable, stress-free, nourishing and most importantly delicious. The way we feed ourselves and our children and the way we talk about food and our bodies helps set the foundation for healthy relationships with our bodies and food. While scary at first I think seeking treatment can help you reclaim your and or your child’s life. Click here to learn more.


My Happy Place

I love to explore and create in the kitchen. My go to weeknight meals are a delicious curry, pasta dish or salad.

Other Hobbies

When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me spending time with our children, soaking up the sunshine or reading a good book! I love sharing on Instagram, so be sure to connect with me there!