Non-candy Stocking Stuffer ideas, snowman, stocking, christmas tree

Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Whole Family

As a Registered Dietitian and mom to two babes, I love non-candy stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family! Here is my list this year.

Non-candy stocking stuffers for the whole family, snowman, christmas tree, stocking

Why Choose Non-Candy Items For Stocking Stuffers?

Stocking stuffers get a bad wrap for mostly junk food related items being stuffed to the brim. While I am someone who enjoys good dark chocolate and candy from time to time, I don’t want an entire stocking of it. Nor do I want for my kid’s to be sugar-high on Christmas morning while already excitedly opening their presents. Maybe you can relate? Here I combined a list of small gifts that are fun items and the perfect size to fit into stockings! May you enjoy your Christmas shopping this year and count the blessings you already have.

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Husbands

Let’s be honest men are the hardest to shop for. Here is a great list that will provide you with options for any man in your life!

Stocking stuffer ideas for husbands, journal, books, coffee

Best Gifts that are Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Girls

I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist but I do hate clutter and buying things that will be thrown away 5 minutes after purchase. How I curated this list is by thinking of non-candy stocking stuffer ideas that will be utilized all year long, perhaps teaches your girl something new, gifts that will connect the family and gifts that would let them play independently in the car or at home.

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Excellent Stocking Stuffers For Boys

Boys, like men, are hard to shop for. My son in particular is still young, but he loves movement. Anything that is going to get him up and physical he is there. Although this is challenging to put into a stocking, so these are things that will keep their minds involved. Dinosaurs, monster trucks, and games that allow our family to do things together are important factors in my list here.

24 non-candy stocking stuffer ideas for boys, monster trucks, train tracks, bath toys

Best Gifts For Mom

Buying Non-candy stocking stuffers for mom doesn’t have to be hard. As a mom myself, I know that I am relatively easy to give gifts too. Honestly, it is the thought that counts and what a blessing it is for someone to think of you to provide you with a gift. Truthfully, moms aren’t that hard to crack the code on. We like time alone: reading, taking a bath, self-care, exercise, time to eat a meal in peace. Here is a list of ideas that are sure to satisfy any moms checklist.

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There ideas are sure to satisfy the stocking stuffer of anyone on your list. I hope that you took away some ideas and that you and your family have a blessed holiday season! If you’d like to learn more about me, click here.